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About the National Disaster Education Coalition

National Disaster Education Coalition
The National Disaster Education Coalition (NDEC) is composed of federal government agencies and national not-for-profit organizations which work together to develop consistent educational information for the public about disaster preparedness, and to disseminate that information throughout their own organizations, their respective constituencies, and to the public at large. The goal of the NDEC is to develop, review, and disseminate information and advice on how the public should prepare and respond appropriately to natural and human-caused disasters. NDEC member agencies ensure that disaster safety messaging is appropriate, accurate, research-based, and crafted appropriately for the audience by using understandable, jargon-free language.

The Coalition works as an ad-hoc group through a consensus process. It is not funded or staffed independently or by any specific agency. Its work is done by representatives of member organizations as they are able to commit and dedicate their time. The Coalition can not "require" any agency to adopt any specific disaster education position or messages. However, we find that when we work together, scientific and background information is understood by all so that we may develop a consensus on disaster education messages.

The Coalition began through an informal bilateral agency collaborative process in the 1980's. In the early 1990's, several relationships had been established between two or three agencies on specific disaster education initiatives. As people working through these bilateral relationships began talking with one another, the need for a more formalized, regular meeting process was identified so that all agencies could benefit from each other's mutual interests and knowledge. Also, as the United Nations declared the decade of the 90's as the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction. Organizing the National Disaster Education Coalition is seen as a result of the efforts of the Decade process.

The Coalition's principle publication is the document titled "Talking About Disaster: Guide for Standard Messages." This Guide provides standardized safety messages about 13 hazards and general disaster preparedness topics. The messages have been reviewed and approved by the national organizations comprising the National Disaster Education Coalition. Following each message in the Guide are explanations, statistics, or reasons that reinforce the credibility of the message and that correct myths and misinformation. The coalition recognizes that it is important for all agencies to deliver consistent disaster safety messages. Research has proven that when the public receives consistent information, they will prepare and respond appropriately when disaster threatens. The Guide is available in hard copy form from any local American Red Cross chapter, or on the web. See references below.

The Coalition meets regularly in the Washington, DC, area. Meetings are hosted at Coalition member meeting rooms in their facilities. However, because we meet and are based in the Washington, DC, area, it does not mean that other national organizations may not participate. We enjoy participation from national organizations whose offices are headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts, and Tampa, Florida.

Any agency or organization that serves a national audience and shares common goals of consistent disaster education may attend the meetings and receive meeting reminders and meeting notes via e-mail. To sign up to receive this information, or if you have more questions, send an e-mail to Coalition at ndec@disastereducation.org.

The National Disaster Education Coalition
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